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OMG! I love Higurashi!


And I only finished episode 2 just now. I'm on a Yandere kick and saw is on a suggested list. I watched a trailer and was like "Holy shit I have to watch this!" I love cute and psychotic! After this I'm watching Future Diary.

May 21, 14 at 10:55pm

If you're watching it dubbed, the second season never received a dub. But it's a nice anime


Episode 5 has me confused though. Looks like it is one of those "This timeline ends and this crazy shit happens, so let's go back and see what crazy shit happens on this other timeline! " type of anime, unless I missed something.

May 22, 14 at 12:43am

Think of it this way, Season 1 is the question, Season 2 is the answer


Regardless, all these yandere girls have me crazy excited! I think I have a new fetish!

May 22, 14 at 2:22pm

So how far are you into it now?>

May 22, 14 at 3:57pm


You should, after the second season, try out Umineko no Naku Koro ni. It's a "spinoff" of Higurashi, but it's still pretty good.


I watched 26 episodes and am....still completely confused, lol

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