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Lunawhitemoon left a comment for zmm96
Jan 31, 18 at 4:13pm

^^ thank you for the freind request.

Jan 08, 18 at 11:05pm

Watched the Donkey Kong Country 2 Any% Warpless race on The runners were V0oid & Waffle42 (WR holder and #2 in the world), and they both died like 15 times put together. Mind you, each of them would probably die once every 5 in 100 runs, so them both dying like 5+ times in one run is super rare. Not to mention they BOTH died 5+ times. GG to them, lol.

Jan 05, 18 at 10:46am

With the video finally out of my hands, however, I get to finally get some sleep... at 9am. My roommates must think I'm a fucking NEET. Hilariously I work more than both of them combined, lol... Good morning I guess everyone. See you in the afternoon. :)

Jan 05, 18 at 10:43am

Just spent the past 5 hours editing a video (6 if you count render and upload). After 20 hours of total work, I am still unpleased with the presentation, but it is something I will just have to get better eith over time...

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