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Last online about 1 year ago
Let's get something out of here that is bothering me for a while: I love female clothes. They are nice to wear, but it was hard for me to try this out and only wanting it forever.

Now I can say proudly I am a crossdresser. I love to wear it so much. I am sad when I can't wear it (what is often). Everyone knows it but it is still sometimes hard to do because I get uncertain if it isn't near perfect.

More info below:

I enjoys watching anime (guess that is logical here) and gaming (no fps), (Game less than I like currently). I am still a student but in a year I will probably have my bachelor.
Every year I go to at least one anime convention (not anymore due to covid). I am now a cosplayer with 3 cosplays complete. I have discovered that making cosplays is not my strong suit, so if I want more cosplays later I will probably just buy and alter them if needed.
More about me I enjoy reading a lot mostly webnovels and an occasional manga. The recently past years I go more often outside again to walk and enjoy nature.
With that said I like to know things in advance and can't handle surprises very well. But friends and family say that I am loyal, kind and generous (the sharing part I mean). Oh and I am apparently random in strategy games.

Feel free to add and talk to me (I won't bite).
I am most talk active in private conversations (but can find it hard to find a conversation subject).
I can not always react instantly but will always answer a question.

EDIT: Added more about myself and found out how to receive notifications on mobile. So I will react quicker. If you want to talk with me I am easier to reach on Discord: Zilverwilg#0354
EDIT: ^^It is a lie, just had a period of inactivity on all media.
EDIT: Updated information in the first part and of a new picture.
EDIT: Updated information
Aug 24-26
Aug 29