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23 year old Female
Last online 3 months ago
Strip club, Netherlands
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii o/

Soooo, I guess you're somewhat curious about me now that you're here so, here's a few things!
(Get ready for a bit of reading :p)

First of all; Music. Is. My. Life. I love music so much it is basically an addiction and it's not even a joke. More than 72 hours without some proper music? Hell no, plz end me at that point.
I do enjoy almost all music tho so don't worry. For me it's not about the genre but the song itself. (Except when it comes to kpop, I can't stand that. Most pop genres that is. Synthpop is good tho).
I'm also an aspiring producer! I got a few things on YouTube and recently got into making something different that I d e f i n i t e l y want to upload too!

2nd; I'm a huuuuge nerd. Not in the sense that I play loads of games but in the sense that I love tech! Mainly PC related :3
I love most new tech tho so always open for a chat on that ^^

I do play games too tho, just not that many. Recently got Forza Horizon 4 which I'm very much enjoying! Other than that I mostly play Minecraft and every now and then some CSS.
I do have a lot more games, I just either have no one to play them with or don't come around to or have already played and finished. I do wanna stream more often tho, so come hang out!

If you wanna know my anime taste, look through my list :3
I'm not really looking for recommendations (everyone basically recommends the same and it's 99% of the time stuff I'm not into anyway). My taste is mainly gore/horror (not jumpscare horror tho) and action. For romance it's basically only yuri romance :3

Well, if you made it this far, here's some things you should probably know.
I'm trans. M to F. Very early on tho, basically still at the beginning sadly (covid ain't helping either). So if you don't know what that means, it's simple. I still look like a guy and have all the guy bits (sadly) so don't expect me to show bobs. I do identify as a woman tho and will basically just ignore you if you just treat me like a guy. So just keep that in mind :3

I am quite the.... sexual person shall I say. No, I'm not here to talk dirty to you and help you with that business of yours, I just like talking about sex, be it fantasies or experiences or things like that :3
I do enjoy showing off whatever I got tho. So far that's basically just my rear bumper (haha car joke) and my legs, but if you're interested you can always ask hihi ;)
The plan is to eventually get something like an onlyfans/patreon and start doing porn :o

Wow you're a real trooper! You made it all the way!
I uh, don't know what to give you tho. Hmu in DMs and let's chat! \^^/

I'm simple with one thing tho. If you add me then I expect you have read my bio and will message me first. If I add you then I will message you first as soon as I can. Not too hard right? :p

Also, I don't care if you're Dutch or not. I will still talk English to you regardless. Deal with it XD