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Yukiteru Hanabusa

24 year old Male
Last online 5 days ago
Your house, Canada
Hey there! I've been on MaiOtaku for a very long time!
My real name is Alex, but you can call me Yukiteru since it is my accounts name, well username.
I'm friendly and easy to talk to. i'm always down for a chat so please don't be afraid.

* I hate liars so don't expect me to be nice if you are caught lying! :D

* I don't date anymore, well on this site anyway. I keep getting cheated on SO ITS PRETTY BAD-- OOF.

* I'm an animator, artist, and game designer!
* My favorite color is SEAFOAM GREEN
* I play video games. So if you're a gamer, play with me! I play all platforms, screw the console war or whatever its called now :b

* I don't like convos that don't go anywhere
* I dislike people that cause drama. Thats my job to cause drama-- jk--
* I'm a dog lover.
* Its embarrassing to admit but.. I have PGAD.