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30 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online 25 days ago
Queens, NY
Hey guys, my name is Reyes Reyes III. Yes, it repeats. Anyway, Im a hard-working 30yo in NYC looking for friends and comrades to hang out with. Been through a lot, looking for people with whom I can start hanging out with that share my interests. Im a pretty open book. I work in retail, pretty flexible scheduling so Im good to make time for others. I like going to St. Marks and window shopping and going to Barcade but NYC is a huge oyster and I promote events for local conventions and parties where you can meet friendly people. A web for anyone to meet new people.
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Ouran High School Host Club
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Baka and Test
Dirty Pair
Zoids: New Century Zero
Digimon Tamers
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