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26 year old Female
Last online over 3 years ago
Odessa, TX
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hoodedfang left a comment for xwindsongx
May 26, 16 at 10:22pm

You want to talk about something meaningful and not how your day was? But what counts as meaningful to you, though? I think asking about someone's day can be quite meaningful. A single day could change a person's entire life around for better or worse. An important realization could happen during something that's very simple in a regular day of someone's life. So with the possibility of things forever changing in one's life, I'm quite serious when I ask how someone's day was.

And yes, this is my greeting to you since you don't like small talk. XD

sadjester left a comment for xwindsongx
Sep 19, 15 at 6:16am

Hi xwindsongx!

olightsword116 left a comment for xwindsongx
Sep 07, 15 at 7:44am

Hello how are u

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