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Likes: Males
Last online over 5 years ago
San Diego, CA
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yosukexjiraiya left a comment for xionscarlet22
Jul 28, 14 at 12:07am

Hello! :D

Renachi Sendai left a comment for xionscarlet22
Feb 16, 14 at 2:46pm

oh that's awesome :DD well hope you find more cool anime you'll like cx
i've seen bits of kil la kill. it's cool :D

setsuryu left a comment for xionscarlet22
Feb 01, 14 at 10:22pm

yes i like pc and ps3 XD

Jan 28, 14 at 8:59pm

Your very welcome~ ^_^ haha indeed it is taking forever! Your favorite Senshi is odangos? : 3 that's pretty cool actually and a interesting reasoning, I'm usually used to hearing Mars. XD You know i'll be honest, I was never much a fan of her in the show (as I liked chibi a lot and well she always made her seem really dumb you know?) However I really admire that and I find as I got older my tastes switched around a little bit. I still love Chibi and Jupiter (They were my favorites as a kid.) But I also liked Mars back then and saturn...but as I got older I started to like venus and pluto and now even usagi : ] funny how tastes can change over time and you see things differently. Well anyway I think I went on a little too much there. But if I were to say my number one favorite perhaps Mako/Jupiter but Chibi is a reaaally close tie! : D

ota_cool left a comment for xionscarlet22
Jan 26, 14 at 5:19pm

I'm doing pretty good, with some money issues, but I'll fix that situation soon hopefully~ what are you in to? anime, cosplay, merch?

Jan 26, 14 at 12:33pm

That is wonderful.

ロイ left a comment for xionscarlet22
Jan 26, 14 at 2:08am

H that's great well I'm just excited spans anticipating AX

Trelós Dr.Likos left a comment for xionscarlet22
Trelós Dr.Likos
Jan 26, 14 at 12:14am

Sounds better than mine XD

Jan 25, 14 at 1:52pm

Hey there~ I was just browsing and I saw you comment a friend of mine and I wanted to let you know love your display pic haha XD uuuhg the new anime is taking FOREVER to come out ;w; may I ask who your favorite senshi is?

blueeyes3000 left a comment for xionscarlet22
Jan 03, 14 at 9:45pm

late happy new year