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Eve Wolfe

Last online almost 9 years ago
El Cajon, CA
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Aug 09, 15 at 10:46am
How are you?
Since I'm not on here as much as I'd like to be, if you'd like to talk to me or something.... -> Add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolveschasingstars
Jul 30, 15 at 8:31pm
Thanks for the request.
I'm just saying from personal experience, kissing a smoker is probably the biggest issue, because if you don't smoke chances are you'll be able to taste what it's like, never again. So if you want to save someone else from a bad experience and blow your chances, stay away from cigs. Just saying.
I'd say Ninja, to me Samurai are the more public form of warrior, most people can easily spot a samurai, they belong in the public eye. Whereas ninjas are more behind the scenes. The type of person that works best in the shadows and blends in with the crowd.