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Jan 09, 23 at 4:02pm
What if I told you that you have written more towards that story than myself, my brother this produced with ai!!*thunder* We could ask the ai to add it lol I only asked for an anime idea and copied and pasted it. Might be a funny comedy
The scene opens on a group of friends, all high school students, standing on the rooftop of their school. As they stand on the rooftop, they see a strange phenomenon occurring in the distance. A massive meteorite is hurtling towards the earth, and it is on a collision course with their city. The friends immediately spring into action, trying to come up with a plan to save the city. Kaito suggests evacuating the citizens, while Yumi suggests trying to destroy the meteorite before it hits. After much discussion, they decide to try and deflect the meteorite using a giant trampoline. They rig up the trampoline using all of the resources they have available, including their own bodies as weights to hold it down. As the meteorite gets closer and closer, the tension grows. The friends hold their breath as they wait to see if their plan will work.In the final moments before impact, the meteorite hits the trampoline and is deflected out of the earth's atmosphere. The friends cheer and embrace in victory as they watch the meteorite disappear into the distance. In the aftermath, the friends are hailed as heroes and their bravery is celebrated throughout the city. The end.