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White Wolf

Last online 12 days ago
About me:
I love science(maths, physics, computer science, etc.)
I'm bad at starting conversations, but I like talking with people, so if you'll be the one to write first it'll be cool
I'm a newbie, but I play on a guitar(well, I try to learn some songs I like and I do terrible, but it's fun when I can play at least a few seconds of it correctly)
This year I went to college to study physics, but I'll probably change it
I'm interested in making games so maybe you'll play one of mine someday(if I make it)

About pic:
She's Noel from Sora no Method.
I love her, cause she's a cute little loli and she's my namesake(yup, my name is Noel, but I don't like being called by my name online, so call me Wolf, or come up with something else)