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32 year old Male
Last online over 3 years ago
New Waterford, Canada
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Jul 20, 20 at 7:37pm
Anyone want to chat?
meku @meku left a comment for werypoll
Jul 13, 20 at 9:23pm
Im fine with being dumb
Jul 10, 20 at 5:47am
Best girl in My Hero Acadamia
This is ADORABLE ^.^ I love Kizuna
Fighting addiction is no simple feat, i speak from experience, i've had alot of them some alot worse then others, I still have some addictions but i've worked really hard to either minimalize or cut out some of my worse ones, as someone who's beaten at least some of my addictions and fighting others for over 10 years, my advice is dont try to do it alone, try to develope a support community around you (by community i dont mean it has to be the whole town, just a few really solid people in your life willing to help you) let them know how you're struggling, even if there is just ONE person you know you can rely on it will increase your chances of winning by 10 fold! Mind you this isn't the save all end all solution, just relying on others isn't going to solve it completely, it depends on what type of addiction it is, there are a few exceptions where isolating yourself can be the best option as well, There is so much more advice i could give but this message is long enough already. Stay strong and im rooting for ya, if you ever see this id love to know how everything turned out for you, or if my advice was helpful at all, i'd hate to know if my advice ever made things worse when i only ever have good intentions! If your interested in having someone to talk to about it i am always open to conversation about it Just DM me. Anyways Good Luck!!!!! :3