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29 year old Female
Last online 6 months ago
ParaƱaque, Philippines
I Love Kingdom Hearts And I Used To Play Devil May Cry I Am A Catholic I Used To Play Music But Not Very Good I Love God I Love To Draw I'm Making Comics Just For Fun I'm Not The Best At Drawing But I Can Draw A Little I Loved Watching Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 I Like Welcome To The NHK I Like Flame Of Recca I Like Yuyu Hakusho I Havnt Seen The Whole Thing I Like Devil May Cry Anime I Used To Watch Naruto I Like Painting I Like One Ok Rock But Only 2 Songs I Listen To Alot Of Japanese Music Like Haruka Kanata And Rewrite And Kensenai Tsumi And Golden Time Lover And Secret Base And I Like Soul Eater And Square Enix I Like Tekken I Like Soul Calibur Dead Or Alive Powerpuff Girls Z My Childhood Favorite Anime Was Bubu Chacha