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Chikan boneee

121 year old Male
Last online 29 days ago
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seriously guys, admit it- everyone does it your all just to scared to say so


I-I pee while taking a shower. also I clean afterwards..that's all

*shyly hides under the covers*


you know those warnings you give to people when you first meet? well dont rub them off because they get you back...dont blame the person if they warned you...some people just need to take stuff a little more seriously


alright guys all this hate towards kanna-lovers is bullcrap
just because someone likes something like a character that so happens to be a little girl doesnt mean they are predators there is a big difference between someone being cute and someone being sexy so before you go and judge someone you need to clarify that or else your just being rude.

jamooo @jamooo left a comment for Chikan boneee
Jul 02, 21 at 9:40pm

Willy billy answer meee

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