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29 year old Male
Last online about 5 hours ago
Church Hill, TN
I've never really thought to try an otaku dating site before. But I love anime, and want someone to talk to. :3
I'm always up for new friends, but I am very romantically available right now too. I don't mind long distance. :3

Some things about me:
I'm a shonen junkie. One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, One-Punch Man, Magi, Toriko, and Attack on Titan are a few of my favorites. :3 I've gotten extremelyyyy into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure over the past couple years so if you're a fellow Jojo-holic LETS TALK ABOUT IT!
I'm also a musician and producer, and I have an associate's degree in music production and audio engineering. :3
I love many genres. Mostly alt, electronic, and experimental stuff. :)

I love the artistic and surreal. Absurdist comedy is AMAZING. If you know who PFFR is you're a legend.

Don't be shy! Let's be friends!