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Last online about 1 year ago
Gamer, Anime Lover (especially Mystery, Romance, Drama, and Slice of Life), Full-Time 6-Year Housekeeper just doing my best to save money and better understand myself as well as others. I'm not the greatest socialist out there, but when it comes to listening and problem solving, I am your guy.

I love girls, LOYAL to whomever I am dating (not following my Father's womanizer footsteps), AND I am most attracted to a woman with a great personality (such as free spirited, understanding, supportive, etc.) Looks are one thing, but not something that guarantees you success in life.

My main goals in life are to save money, get married with a cool wife who's always willing to talk things out if we ever get into a disagreement, have kids IF my wife wants to, and just enjoy life to the fullest in whatever I enjoy at that point, be it Video Games, Anime, Manga, Working, My Wife, My Kids, Etc. In my opinion, the present is what matters the most. Seeking happiness is cool, but happiness is not something to seek, because where there is happiness, there is sadness. best to live and be glad that we are alive.

Although finding someone to be with is my main goal, I don't mind making friends along the way. So hit me up if you wanna just talk about anime,gaming/small talk/food/pie xd.

I am African American, with a little Indian and other different ethnicities.

I am a Player Representative or Player Moderator of a Basketball Online Game called Freestyle 2: Street Basketball, helping players get better at said game and voice their concerns to the GMs of the game.

I also Livestream + make videos on YouTube, as a hobby, with my small viewer base sadlife x.x feel free to watch some of my videos/streams if you wish to hear my voice: https://www.youtube.com/c/ValioaJustice

I am a discord fanatic, on there 24/7. This is the best place to reach me like 100%, always online unless I am sleeping of course.
Discord ID: Valioa Justice#1412