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76 year old Male
Last online 6 months ago
Jus a regular dorky guy into gaming and loves anime. Well duh lol ive been watching it since i was 5. Long before it got main stream I'd watch what i could find. Which was hard. Now it's everywhere... i feel i was born in the wrong era. I have a weird sense of humor, it's dark but also light. Actually it's all over the place but it's there.. I'm fun to talk to and will try to make ya laugh. Im pretty straight forward, almost too blunt sometimes. So if i offend u, sorry my filter is a lil broke so since stuff slips out. Besides anime and related stuff, i also take an interest in JDM cars, i love learning about others cultures in other countries. I love accents. I tend to treat others the way they treat me, so if your an asshole to me then that's how i will generally treat u or I'll jus ignore u all together. I hate politics, jus seems no matter what side u take ur always wrong... well if u wanna get to know me any more jus message me or add me as a friend!
Oct 31-Nov 3
Oct 30-Nov 2
Jun 16-18