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21 year old Female
Last online over 3 years ago
Stockton, CA
It's me kuro_usagi45 because something happened to my other account so I made a different account. I'm just a crazy latina who has an anime addiction and I hope to make cool friends here, nothing more.

‣ I'm obsessed with Hypnosis Mic and I can't wait to watch the anime when it comes out. I recently watched Promare and now I'm obsessed with that as well lol

‣ I'm an infj and I'm a pretty weird and lazy person who does nothing but watch anime, play video games, draw, and sometimes play volleyball with friends

‣ My favorite genre in manga would probably be horror, a little bit of sports, yaoi, and action. If you know me, you know I love my horror a lot and I even read a lot of fucked up horror manga like Mai chan's Daily Life (please don't ask why I read it lol), Ito Junji's scary stories like Tomie and Uzumaki, Dead Tube, Dokumushi, Magical Girl Apocalypse, etc. The manga I'm currently reading are Prince of Tennis and Gantz and I really enjoy reading those two to be honest.

‣My favorite kind of music is good old 80s. I also like Mexican music (P.S. Selena Quintanilla is my queen) and fun fact: I'm actually Mexican Filipino. Future funk, vaporwave, and metal are some other ones I listen to so I basically listen to a mix of different genres

‣ I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan and it's one of the first anime that got me into being a weeb

‣ I'm obsessed with yaoi and I'm a fujoshi. I grew up with the genre and I know a whole lot of yaoi manga and anime

‣ I'm a gamer and I love fighting games. My favorite fighting game might be Persona 4 Arena Ultimax because I love the Persona games, including P5

‣ My zodiac sign is Cancer, the emotional crab and I care for my loved ones and those around me so I'm pretty much the protective kind of person

‣ I'm 4'10" and I'm pretty damn short but it doesn't really bother me but what annoys me the most is people calling me a gremlin lmao

‣ I'm also an artist and I draw everyday because I'm always bored as fuck

Please don't be a creep before messaging me. I would either ignore your ass or talk trash about you so probably you don't want that to happen