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29 year old Male
Last online 6 months ago
Six Mile, SC
My name is David. I am a college student pursuing a degree in literature and secondary education to teach high school. My main goals in life are to become a published author, my favorite of all time is Brandon Sanderson :) And to hopefully one day become an anime voice actor. Aside from writing anime and manga are my biggest passions BY FAR. I've been a fan of anime since 98 and honestly, without it, I am not sure if I could have made it through the roughest parts of my life. Dot Hack Sign and Cardcaptor Sakura are my favorite anime. Cardcaptor Sakura and Star Wars are my biggest obsessions :) I love going to cons and cosplaying:) I post most of my con pictures on my Instagram so feel free to take a look or follow @ galactic_camel666 :) But that is enough about me, feel free to message me :)
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