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37 year old Male
Last online over 9 years ago
I enjoy all kinds of anime. I first watched anime when I was 4 or 5 when my grandmother bought a Gigantor tape and would play it would I got too loud and hyper. It usually calmed me down. Then, much later, when I finally discovered what anime actually was, I joined a Columbia House Anime of the Month club. The first tape was Akira, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but did not pay for (I was like 12 then, sue me). Sometime after this, I would rent anime on DirecTV Pay-Per-View monthly and sit enraptured in front of the television. I found Suncoast Video at Town East Mall a couple years later and would beg to be taken there whenever I had the money. When Toonami began running anime, I finally discovered my favorite anime: Tenchi Muyo. I watched it every time it came on, and thoroughly enjoyed all the other shows they ran, especially Outlaw Star. Eventually, I had the immense luck to discover a store in Rockwall, TX called Fried Ant Anime. From then on, I never bought anything anime related unless I bought it from there. When the store finally closed (which devestated me, to be honest), I reluctantly moved on to online purchases. Since then, my collection has grown to hundreds of DVDs, Blu-rays and even a couple Laser Discs (just for sentimental value). From time to time, I will delve into the world of fansubs to view shows that have no chance of being licensed and brought overseas. So, that's my story. I hope to meet some interesting people here.