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22 year old Male
Last online almost 3 years ago
Bellevue, NE
I'm 19, and I'm using a dating site for anime fans. I think that already says a lot about me. I don't have a lot of opportunities to interact with people, and usually that suits me just fine, but recently I've been thinking that "Man, it'd be nice to have a girlfriend" and things like that. Still, I can't really just go up and talk to people I don't know in public and ask them to go on a date. Why can't I do that? Well, I just can't, I guess. I don't think I'm shy really, but those situations aren't easy for me. That's why I'm here I guess. I also don't want to start flirting with a girl just to have her be like "ew, you like anime?" I mean to each their own, but I don't want that to be an obstacle in my relationships. Anyway, I like anime and manga, and sometimes even light novels or visual novels. I watch good anime, and I watch bad anime because oddly enough the latter can be more fun at times. Anyway, I know how nice it can feel to show your favorite anime to someone who's never seen it before, so I like to at least try out other peoples favorites. Outside of anime, I like to draw (although that's anime related), I like piano music, I like both cooking food and eating it, and recently I got rollerblades so I'm adding that too. As for what kind of person I am, I like to joke around, I like to stay away from controversial or political topics, I like to be good at things/be knowledgeable about the things I'm interested in, I can be competitive, I'm very forward with my feelings and I like to say things as they are, and I can also be very self critical at times. As for what kind of girl I'm looking for, just someone who genuinely loves anime and has a down to earth personality. I'm also fine with a pretty much online relationship because I'm sure not many of you live in Nebraska (some of you may just be remembering that Nebraska even exists). Anyway, this is a pretty long about me page so I'm gonna end it here.
Nov 4-6