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19 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
Hey my names Etienne and I'm just a dude looking for friends or something more. I got into anime early 2017 because of miss kobayashi's dragon maid, and ever since I've been in yuri hell. I live for yuri manga and anime, and I've almost read every shoujo ai or yuri manga, from oneshots to full volumes I've seen it all.

My favorite manga of all time is Kase-san, though a close second is a kiss and white lilies for my dearest girl. I'm a big fan of fluff stories with a little bit of drama mixed in. I read a lot more manga than I watch anime, mainly because I have more time to read.

My favorite anime include stuff like K-on, Love Live, Is the Order a Rabbit, Yuru Yuri, and jjba. I know basically everything about all of these shows, especially jojo I've read all the parts up to part 8.

I'm pretty bad with starting conversations but I hope that I can meet some good people on here!