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17 year old Male
Last online 7 months ago
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Apr 09, 19 at 3:32pm

man, keeping up with this site is hard

Feb 01, 19 at 9:30pm

Tahyari's bad quote of the week: "It takes a bang to make major changes in life.
*it took a bang to create life
*it took a bang to make the united states a country
*it took a bang to start ww1
*it took a bang to create anime...well 2 that is..

Jan 25, 19 at 8:40pm

bad penguin

Jan 25, 19 at 4:37pm


Jan 25, 19 at 3:46pm

so update time

for those who still are on this site, i recently went missing, mia or kia for all you knew. I started dating this girl from this site named jade, beautiful girl. it did not work out because of her mom not allowing us to be together. im not going to disclose all information for her sake but next i dated a girl named star at my school. she was 5,11, and Hispanic. she had a hard attitude and played sports, this too ended after 2 months. while i was in japan, she broke up with me and dated someone else that goes to my school. now this obviously hurt me a lot and rumors were spreed around the school like "i payed money to someone to watch her while i was gone. 1. thats a joke and 2. i payed buy her flowers for Christmas incase i didn't come back in time to do it. The problem is that i was attached to this girl prior to us dating so now its gonna be so great getting over it (sarcasm) im back on here for 3 main things.
2.memes and shitposts
3. to get my mind off of all this shit

i knew she was not going to be "the one" or whatever but its just depressing how everyone just leaves me all the time. i think jade is the only one who didn't cheat or use me or just leave me for someone that they hung out with while we dated... although it felt like the same when she left..just taken away.

ooh and i still draw hentai so more of that soon cuz im just gonna post it here cuz who cares lmao. (i draw normal hentai not wierd bdsm or shit like that.)

Jan 25, 19 at 3:36pm

i basically died but i have come back for good this time

Sep 13, 18 at 1:05pm

i havent been on
i miss yall
school sucks

Jul 26, 18 at 9:19am

des pa cito

Jun 26, 18 at 8:03pm

3 months, still together <3

Jun 19, 18 at 11:09am

what in the goddamn?

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