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25 year old Male
Last online 5 days ago
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Amir @amir_bahram left a comment for Magnus
Jan 13, 24 at 9:55am
Bro is majestic
Curly-Molto @forgetmenot left a comment for Magnus
Dec 27, 23 at 12:08pm
Hey man, thanks for the friend request! I dunno if you're relatively new, or not... are you? If you are, well, welcome to MO! If not, then hey, thanks again for the friend request! Feel free to message me or post bs on my wall LOL, if you'd like, I don't bite. At least not too hard I'm told.
Nov 12, 23 at 11:49am
Hey guys! I just got here, so if you would like to you can talk to me : )