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Last online 3 months ago
I don't exactly know what I'm doing here just yet~ xDDD
How do you edit the favorites section on here? o.o

I decline friend requests mainly if you don't do at least one of these two things:
1. Say something to me first.
2. Don't really say anything in your bio about yourself. (I do read them and will decide whether to add you from them if you haven't said hi to me. xD)

Online if the conversation goes in the right direction I can be extremely chatty!
In face to face however ahahah I like to refer to myself as having 'Blank Mind Syndrome' because my mind doesn't think fast enough for in person conversations 99% of the time, no matter how close I feel to someone. xD;;;;
Regardless of my ability to talk like a normal person, I think most people understand I enjoy their company. :3

(Dunno if I feel like adding all the anime I watch, so I'm just gonna start with Jojo cuz' that's what I'm watching right now.~ *laughs*)
(Edit: Have found looking at other profiles makes for adding anime easier! I have a few more then Jojo listed now! This is amazing progress! Maybe. *laughs* I think I've watched like 100 series or so though.)

Instagram: suika.tama
Youtube (with only one video atm): SuikaTama