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26 year old Male
Last online over 7 years ago
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GrimChris @grimchris left a comment for strawhat711
Jun 08, 13 at 5:16am

Hello, I'm Christopher. it's nice to meet you. sorry not trying to be weird. just looking for like minded people. I'm not very good at that. meeting people that is. anyways we have a lot in common except for a few shows ive seen and like all the ones you named. I also like Marvel and DC and recently started collecting comics. oh and I like your straw hat. wish I had one and or Ace's hat. well see you around

Nadia @tragic_flower left a comment for strawhat711
Apr 18, 13 at 12:43am

My favorite Final Fantasy would be Final Fantasy X and for Kingdom Hearts it would Birth by Sleep. :D lol, you should really play it, it's really a good game.

Nadia @tragic_flower left a comment for strawhat711
Apr 16, 13 at 11:56pm

Final Fantasy,Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Ninja Gaiden, Tekken, Dead or alive and Kingdom Hearts. xD

Apr 15, 13 at 4:44pm

Good how about you

yuriko1991 @yuriko1991 left a comment for strawhat711
Apr 13, 13 at 10:30pm

hi sorry i was away for a while >.<
Its going good hah
its nice to meet you
hope we can get to know each other better

Nadia @tragic_flower left a comment for strawhat711
Apr 08, 13 at 11:45pm

Hello, and I'm doing fine. lol Thanks and yes math is evil and it should be destroyed!

Bree @hailfall left a comment for strawhat711
Apr 05, 13 at 5:35am

Hi x3 what's your favorite Pokemon?

Markenna @markenna left a comment for strawhat711
Mar 12, 13 at 8:58pm

That's a tough one! Um, Naruto or Angel Beats I suppose!

Luki @luki left a comment for strawhat711
Luki @luki
Mar 11, 13 at 2:33pm

Yeah, helmet... Not even sure how to tackle that. It'll probably also be made out of fleece. Oh! Along with the chopper cosplay, I have a few other props which, his hooves. I couldn't really take a picture with them on but, I'll see if I can find one on-line somewhere! xD If not, I'll just take a quick snapshot myself. They're like these jumbo shoes and gloves made to look like his hands and feet.

The only other prop I've made is the keyblade in my pictures. Well, I make all my cosplay. I have a bunch of other things but.. they're all from my not-so-talented days? Just looking at them makes me cringe, so no, none of those. XD

Though, I do have plans on making those little horns and what not from Homestuck. Never read it buuuuut, pfft, there sure is a market for it, so why not get involved and sell some? xD

Quick thinking with the headband! I'm typically guilty of tossing things away once they reach a point. xD That level of recycling, kudos to you!

xyniffta @xyniffta left a comment for strawhat711
Mar 09, 13 at 10:46pm

Nya!! I'm going to be umbreon with an evee evolution group, and My sister and I are going to be Sunny go and Merry. ^-^
GAH, I don't really know about my favorite character!!! There are sooo many. Umm, Luffy is an obvious choice. Another favorite main character is Franky. Because who doesn't love a cyborg with endless possibilities... And headlights for nipples. xD My favorite non-main character is Aokiji.
Gosh... I really just love the strawhats all the same though. What about you? And Hello to you
too. x3

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