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Last online almost 2 years ago
Miami, FL
I'm a nerd/tomboy at heart. I'm obsessed with Anime/Manga and pretty much anything from Japan.I love the outdoors and don't mind getting dirty. I might look girly but I'm not all pink and rainbows. I do like to dress up but I'm also just as comfortable in a t-shirt and some shorts. I'm a huge Anime fan and my dream is to some day visit Japan. I would love to meet another Otaku or someone who at least likes Anime. I'm very passionate about it so it would be nice to finally go out with someone who gets it.

I'm an honest person and looking for someone who's the same. Honesty is very important along with open communication. Someone who isn't afraid to make fun of themselves and have a great outlook on life.
Jan 17-19
Mar 21-23