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Last online over 1 year ago
United Kingdom
Hi o/. Anime and gaming otaku here (I'd populate the list to bring it up to date but that may take a while, so instead here's a link for anyone interested in looking at what shows I've seen, in case I've not pencilled them in on MaiOtaku yet: https://anilist.co/user/SongOfSisyphus/animelist ).

Some shows and/or game series I'm particularly interested by in no particular order: the Elder Scrolls, Persona (SMT), NieR, the Tatami Galaxy, Toradora!. I tend not to have a specific genre preference when it comes to shows, so I'm down for pretty much anything. I love a good story, and am fond of good single-player experiences as well as multiplayer ones, such as FFXIV.

I'm also a bit of a tabletop role-playing nerd. I often have fun making interesting D&D 5E character concepts, or accidentally salivating over the degree of granularity of choice when it comes to making a Pathfinder 2E character.