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31 year old Male
Last online about 1 month ago
Like everyone else on here, I'm a geek.
B.S. in Dietetics (minor in Chemistry), A.A.S. Culinary Management, A.A,S. General Studies
Formerly ACE CPT and Health Coach certified
Currently working on B.S. in Computer Science
Interested in pretty much anything with superheroes.
Avid cosplayer with too many ideas and not enough space to makeo it.
Southern Maryland.

Big shy guy who cosplays, though less and less as I get older and have less friends to do it with (and hence less encouragement and excitement). I can cook. I do like video games, though I hardly play anymore as it just doesn't capture me the same as it used to. I do read a lot. Just caught up to the longest series yet, which was over 3000 chapters and took the better part of 6 months. (Super gene)
Ask me about what project I am working about and I'll go on and on.
Aug 10-12
Panelist. Feb 15-17
Panelist. Jul 26-28
Panelist. Feb 14-16