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21 year old Male
Last online about 2 years ago
Hi my name is sakata gintoki
My old town Edo kinda explode after the alterego of my dead sensei begann to declare war against the entire universe and so i came in this town.
My favourite food is everything sweet and i like to read the shonenjump
Right now searching for every job
After the destruction of my home town Edo i came to this weird place.
I hope i will find here the continuation of my anime.
Ps if some old hag ask you about me dont tell her i am here ,because i havent payed the rental fee before leaving the town.

Real discription
Short ver.
I'm just a bag of rice out of many

More detailed ver.
I'm a quiet person (except when playing I can overdo something) I love dark and black humor and can be a bit sarcastic, besides I can adapt well to others.
I'm a be happy go lucky type (in the inside a dead and endless void of lonelyness)
If you want to know more wright me