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I don't really feel like paying attention to this or actively looking for a gf for the time being. I may not respond for some time. That said, I don't want to leave so much information around where I have to worry about it, so I'll just loosely summarize myself.

I proactively consume anime and video game content. I'm not an otaku strictly speaking. I don't have a ton of figures. The ones I do have come from collectors editions from popular franchises of which I would have the CE's regardless. I don't spend much on anime, most of my spending for entertainment is on video games. The level of obsessive behavior I display for video games and anime is present in plenty of other facets of my life. I'm not an overly obsessive person in my mind, but simply passionate and I crave information and ideas.

Of which I tend to dive into political topics. Whatever it is, you name it. If it's controversial then I'm typically engaged. I classify myself as an independent, as the culmination of my views do not strictly adhere to any set of principals or ideologies. That said, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, Marxist, and generally world views with an established social hierarchy are typically antithetical to my own views. Republican, Liberal, Conservative, Nationalist, and generally world views that involve freedom and equality are typically compatible with my own. Do note there, that I listed Liberal and Conservative views in the same set. If you understand such a thing or are open to the explanation, then perhaps you and I have compatible values.

I am Atheist. That is, I believe that any concept of a God that we have is purely guesswork, and that science may one day be able to lead us to the truth of whether or not life has an intelligent creator, and predict that it will prove that we don't have an intelligent creator. Religion to me comes off as a cult-like brainwashing used to exploit gullibility, however I also recognize that it has done some good, and that there are inherently immoral people who need religion. I am not one of these inherently immoral people. If you're someone who believe that you have a very good set of upstanding morals, achieved purely through your own will, then perhaps you and I have compatible values.

At the moment of writing this, on myanimelist I have logged 173 days worth of anime. That's been achieved through 15 years of watching anime, give or take. I have put probably about an equal amount of time, give or take, into gaming.

My favorite genres of anime are sci-fi, shounen, mystery, action, and sports.

My favorite genres of video games are JRPG's, action, mystery, and mmo's.

My favorite anime is Battle Programmer Shirase. I stay generally up to date on anime.

My favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII. I enjoyed FFXIII, but not FFXII or FFXIV.

My favorite movie is Die Hard. I don't watch a whole lot of movies.

I watch some amount of k-drama. The last one I watched was Stranger (2017) and I enjoyed it a lot.
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