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26 year old Nonbinary
Last online 5 months ago
(I promise to have actual pictures of me up sometimes lol none on this computer)

My name is Stanley, I am a nonbinary AMAB currently a year into transitioning.
I really like drawing, writing, anime, manga, and videogames. I've been getting into light novels too as of late. I hope to write my own someday. Though my OCD has been making my hobbies pretty hard lately, I'm pushing through and recovering. :)

I tend to stick to romance and shonen stories but really if a story makes me want to know what happens next I tend to be hooked. This season I'm watching: Spy X Family, MHA, Gundam Witch From Mercury, and Chainsaw Man.

Manga I'm currently following include: How Do We Relationship, Akane-banashi, MHA, and Crossplay Lovers.

I'm currently playing a lot of Overwatch 2, but I also jump into FF14 for MSQ (Hyperion).

Games I like to go back to a lot and am a really big fan of are Tales of and The Legend of Zelda.

I'm currently studying Japanese, Norwegian, and Indonesian. Japanese more seriously than the other 2 but all 3 of them are super interesting and beautiful!!

Fave anime movies and shows:
Your Name
A Silent Voice
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans
That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime
Cowboy Bebop