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Architecture Essay Ideas

  • Invention Of Elevator.

This is a essay discussing the invention and role of elevator in architectural history.

  • Islamic Architecture: Theory and Practice Throughout History.

This essay will analyze some of the general principles of Islamic architecture, with a particular emphasis on the historical and cultural forces that shaped the development of this architecture over time. In this context, during an essay writing certain typical theoretical features of this mode of architecture may be identified.

Although initially trained by Sullivan in the quintessentially American architectural genre of the skyscraper, Wright became profoundly influenced by Japanese esthetics. After viewing Japanese art and architecture at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, he traveled to Japan. His Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and the many private and public buildings he designed later in the U. S. incorporate many elements of Japanese design and engineering principles.

  • Landscapes in the Glossy Pages: The Use of Beaches as Settings for Product Sales.

This paper compares and contrasts the quality and use of scenes of beaches that appear within popular magazines in order to examine how the setting of a product serves to promote its purpose. Through identifying the characteristics of both advertisements, this paper shall demonstrate how a beach setting helps create a connotation within the target audience of luxury and of success.

  • Le Corbusier's Radiant City.

This paper discusses Le Corbusier and his work.

  • Le Corbusier: From the Parthenon to Modernism

According to the experts from programming help service this paper looks at the life and the effects that we feel today of Corbusier. This biographical paper looks at his beginnings and early influences to understand this genius. For better or worse, the architect known as Le Corbusier changed the face of our cities. Along with Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright, Corbusier epitomizes modernism. Can, however, the future be built without standing on the shoulders of the past? Corbusier was a devotee of the esthetic of the machine and still he regarded the Parthenon as a pinnacle of architectural achievement. He believed in the Renaissance notion of man being at the center of creation and yet, built houses that men could not live in. Le Corbusier may have been designing square pegs for round holes but in the end, there was a direct line, for him, between the Parthenon and modernism.

  • Manet and Olympia.

This paper looks at both these artists and how their work caused scandals at the time.

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