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31 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online 7 months ago
Magnolia, PA
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mikhail737 left a comment for ShadeDrake
Apr 10, 14 at 11:37pm

Hiya! Hn, hope that you're enjoying it here. People are pretty nice. x3

Aha, kinda I guess. I really don't have too many pictures of myself. Those ones were the only halfway decent ones that I liked, despite my expressions. xD

Niice. How is Kentucky for you? Is it going good? Where're ya from originally? I myself have lived in South Dakota my entire life. I should probably get out sometime. Haha. Naw, that's okay. Friends over internet are awesome anyway.

Aww, thanks. I really enjoy drawing, but I unfortunately hit huge art blocks. :/ Naww, it's okay. Everybody's got something. x3 That's cool, writing is fun. ^w^

Yay babbling! It's so fun to read people babble. Lol.

Apr 10, 14 at 12:13pm

Hello!! I saw your pictures and your neko very kawaii! ^_^
I too may write a book someday once I get motivated lol I'm sure we'll be good friends on here! I'll keep in touch as much as possible!

sugarcubeangel left a comment for ShadeDrake
Apr 09, 14 at 11:00pm

Hello ^-^

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