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Welcome to MaiOtaku. I am Lord Sephiroth - anime fan, cosplayer, the most elite SOLDIER of Shin-Ra, et cetera.

All kidding aside, I am the Senior Developer here on MaiOtaku. Everything from keeping this site updated, developing new features, and making you feel welcome here are my responsibility. If a page breaks, it is probably my fault. And I have probably already started fixing it, but let me know anyway. If you upgrade to a premium account, I'll make sure that it gets activated for you. I try to welcome people to the website when I can, but thankfully many of our users do that for me.

I am also the Senior Administrator of UpcomingCons.com, and Senior Organizer of Anime-zing!. If you have questions about MaiOtaku, or want some help, don't hesitate to CONTACT me via that link. Using the contact form is the only way to ensure a prompt response.

Welcome to MaiOtaku - I hope you feel welcome here! Thanks for stopping in!
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