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22 year old Female
Last online 2 months ago
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orochiouji @orochiouji left a comment for Mei
Nov 08, 21 at 5:01pm

Yo! I'm a huge fan of Higurashi

Stefan @stefanime0 left a comment for Mei
Oct 28, 21 at 9:02pm

Hello ^^

Sep 30, 21 at 11:07pm

I feel so bad it's been so long I haven't had a chance to log in here. New York is kind of opening up little by little and it's messing with my anxiety

otuking234 @otuking234 left a comment for Mei
Feb 10, 21 at 10:48pm

Hope you photography goes well, should take most of those photos of anime characters lol

Robert @nrp99 left a comment for Mei
Feb 04, 21 at 11:17am

Hello, I'm Robert

Jan 31, 21 at 10:39pm

Kasumi gives me so much strength I love her with all my heart

Jan 29, 21 at 7:48pm

Hello! I haven't been online in soooo long but I have been going outside a little more! if one of you guys could join me that would be great it's scary out there

ultrabrandon12 @ultrabrandon12 left a comment for Mei
Nov 20, 20 at 10:00pm

Well, you sound just like me, only kind opposite. I say opposite cuz I do know how to cook, and have even improvised recipe on the spot... like when I made chicken teriyaki stirfry in a rice bowl... but yeah, I could probably teach how to cook

kamendd @kamendd left a comment for Mei
Nov 20, 20 at 7:09pm

Hi Mei, I saw your introduction post as I was browsing the forums and I like your description of yourself. I'd love to get to know you and see the photos you take! I am also interested in photography but usually from a point of looking at it rather than as someone who takes them.

Nov 18, 20 at 4:49pm

Good afternoon!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!