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Last online 9 months ago
Hello, I'm Satan i do enjoy roleplaying and taking pictures. I also take picture of people and edit them for the hell of it. If you would like to ask me a few questions feel free to at anytime also if you don't know thing by now I don't care for people very much. I can do long roleplays or short roleplays but if you make my character do something in a roleplay, I'm out but feel free to Hit me up at anytime wait nvm that may hurt but eh. I know that Yall think Satan isn't my real name but try again cuz it is and I know I take my time on replying but eh the more ya get ta know me you'll know why. I was thinking of make a list about me and stuff like that but I'm not sure if I wanna do that cuz then you would know to much about me just by reading my bio or whatever ya call this thing. If you don't read it all that's chill but if you did read it all thanks cuz ur weird as fuck like me lmao.

Roleplays I've done.
God and human slave
God and unknown being
Maid and master
Chef and sushi
Chicken and nugget
Werewolf and human
Demon and dragon
Dragon and angel
Angel and demon
Kidnap rp
Um and the list goes on but they are 18+ so I ain't gonna put it on here ya know

Feel free to hmu like I always say also don't be shy.

I like hentai, Yaoi, Futa's, and more.
I used to complain but stopped a while ago.
Call me anything you want but do not call me cute or innocent.
I like hentai.
I have no limits in rp so don't worry.
If ya wanna hug or something back up. I don't do hugs.
I like sushi so leave me alone also never question why I like it just shhhhhhh and enjoy it.

I will tell you one thing before you message me. Do not I mean it send my nudes like big no.i don't wanna see ur dust might.

If you don't like something about me tell me because I hate people who talk behind my back so goodluck.

My sleep paralysis demons are my best friends.

Be careful what u wish for if I don't answer you no worries I will later.

My Zodiac sign is ♈ Aries

A little bit about my sign
As a fire sign, Aries hate being dominated (but not me). If someone tries to hurt them, they bounce back and harm that person by committing thievery or even an unplanned murder. People born under this zodiac sign can easily get angry.

If you hurt me without my permission we may have some trouble.

I ain't very friendly at first till ya get to know me.

Favorite songs are:
The Champion by Carrie underwood and Ludacris
Let you down by NF
zombie by bad wolves.
River By Eminem
Hall of Fame by The Script
Fuck you by Silent child
Middle finger by Bohnes
I feel like I'm drowning by two feet
On my own by TroyBoi
Lovely by Billie Elisha and Khalid
Dizzy by MISSIO
Do it for me by Rosenfeld

If you want to talk just ask me I got discord. I ain't a very nice person at first but give me a bit of time to figure you out and yeah

Resent Ideas for rp

1- Young bro living with busty older sis
2- busty fairy found by horny boy
3- video game characters
4- milf raped in alleyway 5- naughty milf cheating with neighbors son and his friends 6- big dick nerd x popular girl
7- school slut want to be filled
8- Goth Slut is raped by football player
9- Breeding cum dump slut
10- breeding neko in heat
12- daughter's friend gets fucked by her dad
13- Slutty cheerleader used as cum dump
14- schoolgirl will do anything for cash
16-a world where rape is legal and there's no age limit
17- Goth girl summons demon with a massive cock
18- Nurse with a very fat ass helping patient "recover"
19- prostitute gets drugged and used
20- Step son rapes mom whenever he wants
21- woman/cow hybrid is used
22- Maid is a personal fuck doll
23- Guy hypnotizes cheerleader
24- horny mom x son
25- Busty girl gets drunk and is used as a cum dump
26- slutty Halloween costume gets drunk younger sister fucked
27- Succubus seduces married man with a huge cock
28- pussy gaping from massive cocks
29- underage slut raped on subway
30- mom and son's bully.

Yes My rp ideas are um..... dirty

You make me laugh so yes I like men sure but I like the ladies more idk it just is normal for me but yeah.

*Sits back and eats a cookie" if ya read all this let me know by saying cookie.