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Why Students Find Book Report Writing a Headache

Contrary to the name, a book report does not only involve a summary of the book's plot. As a student, for your report to get you a good grade, you must think critically about what you have read and then give an opinion of the book from your perspective www.litreview.net.

Book reports are indeed not only written in college alone. Students get to start writing reports from a very early age. However, during the early elementary years, students usually get some extra support when writing these reports. At this stage, they are given worksheets that help them throughout the book report writing process.

However, as one gets to middle school, high school, and eventually college, the book report writing process becomes more taxing. This is because students are now expected to create these documents independently without extra support from the teachers. This is why most look for super tips to aid them when writing their book reports. Let us look at some of the necessary steps that all top writer follows to create a good book report. These steps include;

Choosing a Book to Base Your Report on

Sometimes the teacher will provide you with a specific book to write a book report on. However, sometimes you will be required to pick any text you like and base the report on it. The thing is, whatever the case is, there are those details you have to identify about the book before you jump onto the next step. Look for the following;

  1. Name of the author,
  2. The title
  3. The genre of the book

Read The Book

It would be pretty much impossible to write a report on a book that you have not read. Therefore, after selecting the text, you need to make sure that you have properly read it and understood it. Make sure to keep track of the main characters, the book's major events, and the settings within which they take place. This will help provide you with the necessary information for your book report. In this manner, you identify the book's main ideas, for this is what you will be discussing in your account.

Identify Interesting Direct Quotes to Use Later on

It is essential to write down some of the most interesting direct quotes you can derive from the book. The use of direct quotes in your book report will not only show you have a proper understanding of the book, but it will also help support your arguments and, in turn, raise the quality of your report.

Properly Organize Your Notes

When reading the book and researching, it is essential to organize all the data you gather under proper headings and sub-headings. This will make it easier for you to use this information to craft the perfect book report.