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33 year old Female
Last online about 8 years ago
bruges, Belgium
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blackmage @blackmage left a comment for sakura-chan
Jul 08, 15 at 6:43pm
Its cool lol I did the same so no worries. Ah yes cosplays since there is a lot of cons happening around summers. ^^ Have you been into a con in this summer yet?
blackmage @blackmage left a comment for sakura-chan
May 19, 15 at 12:15pm
Yo whats good? :)
suna @suna left a comment for sakura-chan
Mar 26, 15 at 5:50am
こんばんは そうだなぁ・・・ 出かけた時に風景の写真を撮る事ぐらいかな。
Mar 06, 15 at 4:53pm
i died my hair recently to a redisch color. why cause i do it for me. i've been in a relationship where the guy dictated what i should wear how to cut my hair, what color etc. you should not do or leave annything for a guy, no matter how much you love him. if you are happy you can make someone else happy and if that means cuttin g your hair or change the color go for it :3 offcourse don't go overboard keep it pretty its suposed to bring out your features not kill them ;)
omg yes stroop wafels thats been too long *travels to the netherlands to buy lots and lots of stroop wafels*
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