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21 year old Male
Last online 10 minutes ago
Any clingy girls here who are sick of being outcast just for caring too much?

Ever notice how distance naturally causes problems, and often just perpetuates your loneliness? I understand that clingy people need to cuddle very soon in a relationship, and very frequently. Physical distance between the two of you just puts a barrier in front of the intimacy you desire, especially if you seem to be the only one who cares, sadly.

At its core, clinginess just means you care, and it pains me that it's so frowned upon by the world at whole. Wanting your partner to text you during every break at work is sweet. Wanting to remind your partner that you care for them and are there when they need you is sweet. Wanting to engage in every day life together because you light up when you see them is sweet.

But as a clingy guy myself, I know that a lot of stereotypical "clingy" behavior is exaggerated and exacerbated by the cold or uncaring tone that people normally have in a relationship. You know; maybe you wouldn't be scared a guy was cheating if he wasn't so pointlessly defensive towards your questions. Or maybe you wouldn't feel neglected if a guy actually picked you over his friends, when the two happened to conflict. Maybe you wouldn't badger a guy about whether he still liked you if he actually told you how he felt about you in every conversation. Typical modern dating behavior is just about the worst thing for clingy people, because whoever cares less usually wins, and it makes the people who can't stop caring look neurotic or anxiety-ridden, when really they're just out of their element.

If you're watching an anime about a Yandere, and find yourself rooting for her, but hide it deep down and keep it a secret because most people think they're creepy and obsessive, then don't worry. Because I root for the Yandere too. I'm probably a Yandere myself, as the idea of devoting a lot of time to my partner and focusing on one person at the expense of everyone else is natural to me.

I don't think there's anything wrong with clinginess. It's just the assumption that your partner should love you deeply, rather than the normal assumption that relationships should be low-risk low-reward, especially at first.

I crave the company of one, not many.

I'm looking for a Yandere to hold, and to hate the uncaring world together with.

If you want to talk, let me know. There are no expectations either way, and I don't get mad about honest rejection if you decide I'm not who you're looking for.


-- My favorite anime are Another, Future Diary, Steins;Gate, Higurashi When They Cry, Black Butler, Toradora, and many more.

-- If it says I haven't been online in a long time, you still shouldn't hesitate to message me. If you're looking for the same things that I am, then please do message me. I'll look at my mail every time I'm feeling strong enough to check (which as I said, may only be every once in a great while), knowing I'll just have my hopes crushed because there's probably no one out there for me.