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God Emperor Daggerfella @daggerfella left a comment for ruryminamoto
God Emperor Daggerfella @daggerfella
Aug 19, 14 at 1:15am

Btw im planning a party for a meet up in my back yard, mainly it will be a gaming tournement of doa5u, but we can just play stuff together, meet up, eat foot, etc.

Aug 08, 14 at 8:01pm

That is a nice pick, lol and I agree, it is definitely amusing. Are you planing to go to any conventions that are coming up?

Tomm @tawumpas left a comment for ruryminamoto
Aug 06, 14 at 1:27pm

I just bought Dark Souls... Is it fun?

Aug 04, 14 at 7:12pm

Hiya! Sorry I didn't respond sooner, been busys >.< How are ya!?

Aug 01, 14 at 6:51am

Ah cool, I do play yu-gi-oh cards sometimes (but decided to give up collected yu-gi-oh, but I kept the deck of it), but I do collect pokemon cards (as I do need to get the right cards I need to beat anybody with the game). :D hehe I take it that your into SPG as I got some of their music. :D haha x

animejon @animejon left a comment for ruryminamoto
Jul 31, 14 at 11:08pm

IKR XD I think I might be able to fit into character.

Jul 31, 14 at 10:32pm

I can't add you for some odd reason.
I'm RawrRiceball on steam

Jul 31, 14 at 10:30pm

I don't have one in my house. :O
And I'll add you!

Jul 31, 14 at 9:07pm

It's a lot. :O
What's your steam name?
Probably.. Maybe I'll open it one day.

animejon @animejon left a comment for ruryminamoto
Jul 30, 14 at 10:26pm

Well... if I were to choose a character and see how it goes.. I will be Choji from Naruto. I think he is an awesome dude! Plus, we both like food! XD

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