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27 year old Female
Last online almost 4 years ago
St. Charles , IL
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Jake @vesalligr left a comment for PrincessRozu
May 30, 18 at 6:36pm

Thought id say hi, incase you come back from your hiatus while im back from mine :)
its been awhile

Apr 06, 17 at 5:54am
This account has been suspended.

Merry Christmas PrincessRozu! :3

Jake @vesalligr left a comment for PrincessRozu
Dec 06, 16 at 1:25pm

i just finished rereading the book "Shogun". a tiring 1,100+ pages based on 1600's Japan. Politics back then were friggin scary. although they were ahead of the world in terms of medicine and cleanliness.

Still, get a wrong look on your face and someone might cut you in half with a Katana xD

Jake @vesalligr left a comment for PrincessRozu
Dec 05, 16 at 6:01pm

thats pretty twisty. i got through 5 or 6 seasons before skipping to the last episode xD
you know little jennie is played by the actress who did cindy woohoo on the grinch stole christmas? and nowadays she has a band called the Pretty Reckless. they have some great songs.

Jake @vesalligr left a comment for PrincessRozu
Dec 05, 16 at 12:34pm

I just started watching Kuromukuro[a netflix "original"], and it is glorious!
And christmas is comijng up fast. it feels like i just rewatched those old classics before christmas yesterday.
any anime catch your eye lately?


How are things going lately? The snow is pretty but I don't like having to go out in it. I want to move someplace warm eventually.

Dec 04, 16 at 7:39pm

Me too! I've seen the anime and read the first light novel. I actually have a large SAO wall scroll in my room. So what if others think it's bad, right? Sadly, my real name isn't Jack. But I totally agree; it is a cool name.

Dec 04, 16 at 7:26pm

No, that's completely fine. I like getting messages. Thank you for the compliment! You sound pretty cool too. ^.^ My favorite? Hmmm...idk. I think it's a tie between action and romance. I guess that makes my favorite the shows with both elements. Those seem kind of rare

Dec 04, 16 at 6:36pm

Hi! I went ahead and read over your info too. Blue Spring Ride was a great anime! Hope you're enjoying it.