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Last online about 1 hour ago
If you want to know me better just send me an friendrequest and text me =) I rly like to talk, so don't be shy, maybe we can even play League or some other games together :3

First things first. Im definitely a weirdo and an pervert but i keep those sides for myself and my friends.
So don't mind writing with me. I don't do creepy or disgusting stuff. And if i do you are free to call me out on here. But i'm pretty sure that's never gonna happen. soooo...... just talk to.
I'm very desprate and kinda lonely and i want people to talk to. Most people one here dont even wanna talk. After a few messages they wont reply anymore. And that's sad- I know that texts like "hi, how are you" are pretty boring. But i'm pretty reserved. So i start slowly. I don't want to push any boundaries. I want to make a friendly first contact... and that feels pretty hard to do on here... So please. If you rly wanna chat maybe even daily just text me :C

My name ist Patrick and i'm 27 years old. It's obvious that i like to watch Anime and read Manga. My top 2 Anime are Steins:Gate and Kuroku no basket. I like to watch my Anime in JP with EN sub. If you have any questions you know where fo find my DMs.

Besides Anime and Manga i rly like to craft and i wish that someday i can build a proper Cosplay. I also like to bake a lot and cook. And since i don't know what i should write more, it's up to now to get to know me better.

Personality Type: INTP-T