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Last online about 7 hours ago
Hey there. My name is Patrick and i'm 29 years old. I'm from germany and i would like to get to know new people. It would be especially good if the persons would also live nearby so we could play some switch games or boardgames in the future. I love to play boardgames and the other games too :D

I'm a very open person and i read a lot of Manga and Manhwa. I also watch anime, but i used to watch a lot more. I just can't wait anymore until the new ep is out. So i just read the rest if the Anime is interesting enough.

My girlfriend and i have a lot on pets. We got one doggo. 3 Chinchilla, 5 Guinea-pigs, 4 Axolotl and some other fish.

Besides Anime and Manga i also love to bake and cook.
If ths text somehow interested you and you want to know more just text/add me.

Personality Type: INTP-T