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28 year old Male
Last online about 4 years ago
Orlando, FL
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Aug 09, 19 at 2:15am
^^ thank you for the freind request.
deactivated @seji_hikaru left a comment for reaper9
Dec 31, 18 at 3:24pm
Dec 30, 18 at 5:12am
^^ thank you for the freind request.
Feb 24, 19 at 12:11am
I think you got this Fran chouchou. Just try not to get your hopes up to high. I do think you should enjoy every moment you share with them and if the time comes, tell them how you feel. In the mean time though, enjoy hanging out with them like you would usually and be the same way you are cause it sounds like your a nice person. I'm rooting for you!!!
Feb 23, 19 at 11:51pm
BrendanCasey, I am sorry that you have to bear that heavy cross in your life. Despite those problems, I think you can still find someone. I think you just have to find the one I kinda want as well. One who tries for the relationship and sticks with you no matter how good or bad it goes. Every relationship has ups and downs, but I believe the strongest ones come from those that work through them together through thick and thin. I know this is always the worst answer to give, but all I can say is it may just take time to wait for or find that woman or guy to come into your life.