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FAQ: I am being ask alot of odd questions in the DM.. So here some answers...

So i will answer the ones that are ask alot.

1.Are you fit: Answer- yes but i don't see why this matter.

2.Do you have kids?: Answer- No, maybe someday not sure.

3.Are you a dude or girl: Answer- Guy obviously.

4.What your occupation: Answer- I prefer to keep that anonymous but I do have a steady income but money is not what should matter in my opinion.

5. Do you like poetry: Answer- yes because it's a unique way to express oneself in my opinion.

6. Do you mind video chat?: Answer- No, I don't mind as long as it's someone that I know or trust.

7. Where you pic?: Answer- if you wanna see my face so badly just get to know me simple.

8. Are you really 99 years old?: Answer- Really..No i am not 99 years old... I am a billion years old.. if you can't see the sarcasm I don't know what to tell you..

9.Do you like to joke around?: Answer- I do like to joke, who doesn't? Though sometimes I can be a bit sarcastic..

10. What are your political beliefs: Answer- I personally don't care for political nonsense.. I don't care for the left or the right..

11. Are you religious?: Answer- NO, I feel more comfortable saying that I'm open-minded..

12. Are you shy to facetime?: Answer- Why do i keep getting questions like this.. I refer back to "Answer 6".

13. Do you have any social media?: Answer- Yes i do.

14. Are you really from the moon?: Answer- seriously.. SMH No, i am from this place call EARTH and was been and raised in the USA.

15. What your race?: Answer- latino

16. You have any photos of yourself: Answer- Yes but i don't give my social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc to people i don't know..

If you made it this far and read all this thank you because it show your that curious to want to know something about me i guess..

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ If You have any additional questions just ask. ☼.☼

One last note: if your fake which let's be real there's a lot of fake people on this site if anything maiotaku is a sausage fest at best in my opinion.

So to put simply don't add me and no I don't like roleplay you can shove it.

Have a good day and now f**k off.