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Likes: Females
Last online 9 days ago
Austin, TX
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kuri2 left a comment for ramjet777
Jun 17, 19 at 7:49pm

I kind of cosplay... the only anime cosplay I have done is a Survey Scout from Attack on Titan though lol
I try to attend one or two conventions a year, usually MTAC in middle TN and/or AWA in Atlanta, GA.

kuri2 left a comment for ramjet777
Jun 16, 19 at 9:02pm

You are quite far. I don't really cosplay; although, cosplay group does sound fun. Sailor Moon was my favorite childhood anime ^^ Never heard of San Japan before; I googled it, looks like a pretty big event. I am not familiar with Trigun. Chun-Li from Street Fighter? If so, she is my favorite from the older Street Fighter series (not familiar with the newer ones).

Jun 16, 19 at 7:29pm

Very direct question lol but Im not a girl I just like to cosplay as one sometimes hehe

magicalfox left a comment for ramjet777
Dec 20, 18 at 3:25pm

Will u be my girlfriend?