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May 02, 22 at 3:39am
o whoops I thought I was replying to the threads but I think I think they were messages instead lol
May 02, 22 at 3:36am
Heya! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day!
May 02, 22 at 3:34am
Same, though I am a few weeks late to this thread haha
I have no idea what to expect or what I'm doing but I am looking for someone who likes anime and gaming so say hi because I'm stranded alone on this site until you do haha.
I think it's a cool premise, the story pretty much starts off where most fantasy stories would end. Most of Frieren's comrades are gone, and the hero party is almost sort of becoming a legend, but she embarks on another journey. It's pretty much an adventure slice of life fantasy, still has some good action, and also has really fun/interesting characters. If I had to give some comparisons, I'd say it kind of reminds me of Kino's Journey and Wandering Witch. Anyways, it's a really nice read! Highly recommend it, or maybe catch the anime adaption when it airs :0 (I don't think there's a confirmed release date yet).
Anyone here read Sousou no Frieren? The anime adaption was finally announced! Super hyped lets goooooo >:DD For those who haven't, it follows the story of an elf named Frieren who was a part of the hero party that defeated the demon king. With her incredible lifespan as an elf, the long journey she shared with her party members was only but a "mere 10 years." She will eventually outlive everyone she meets, which becomes the case with the hero party, but the mere 10 year journey has evidently changed her. As she revisits the sites of her party's journey, she reminisces the time they spent together, and begins to regret that she didn't take the chance to bond more with them.