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26 year old Female
Last online 11 months ago
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nashiro29 left a comment for princesss
Oct 19, 18 at 10:31pm

Hi princess, ore wa otaku desu, from dasma cavite, 29 years old guy here

christopher1991 left a comment for princesss
Jul 09, 18 at 4:24am

no problem

endlesstimeloop left a comment for princesss
Jul 08, 18 at 6:16am


Jul 05, 18 at 9:56pm

idk why i couldn't make those comments wer you comment right after the comment @_@ it always post separetly huhu
pls bare with me desu! noob lols

旅びと~ US Phone number! Google!
Whisp Enki spreading the knowledge. d(>_・ )
Jul 05, 18 at 9:53pm

i most definitely agree. given i only have *counts fingers* friends that i let in my hearto. I did apologized first right before explaining why i was triggered. it's like i don't know the person anymore, been in tip toes all this time. Your right, I guess it was already clear that they didn't want to fix it anymore.. I just refused to see it.

Yes in time, I will try.. and yes obcourse! ^-^ thank you for your input.. makes me feel that even if i'm still a stranger,, maiotaku is really a helpful and warm community.. *huggiess*

i'll be fine soonest!

Jul 05, 18 at 9:17pm

i just lost another bestfriend yesterday. i hate this feeling. it feels like crap. misunderstandings always gets me and my bonds always..too bad i'm just not good at explaining emotions, i tend to rationalize them instead of feel. everytime i tried ro step out of my zone, everytime I try my hardest to keep a bond..everything goes haywire. im scared. makes you wanna just shut down and not reach out anymore just to feel safest.

weebian If your bonds are being broken due to misunderstandings, then the first step is to apologise, even if you're not in the wrong, it is important to show them that you are serious. From there explain the misunderstandings. If they refuse to even listen to you, then it is not worth the effort, because they clearly do not want to fix the relationship. Sometimes it is best to let things go, make new bonds while not forgetting the old ones.
Jul 05, 18 at 8:58am

I'm so sorry if I haven't replied properly both messages/comments these past days I've suddenly became soo busyy desu huhuhu (wasn't planning any of em Dx)
And right not i'm been feeling quite down.
I'll be back in a jiffy. :)
As always °^° smile desuu and stay happy! Ü

Gone_to_Arcadia left a comment for princesss
Jul 03, 18 at 10:54pm
This account has been suspended.
[DERP] Charles left a comment for princesss
Jul 03, 18 at 3:03am

Kawainessie is that you??? ;w;

Panda-kun ™ Wait wasnt kawaii from japan :o
jeemo left a comment for princesss
Jul 02, 18 at 7:04pm

I'd love to chat^^ :3

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