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Last online almost 7 years ago
no specific Country-- On the Go. Currently in the , Philippines
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Juveh @juveh left a comment for princess_lily
Aug 03, 15 at 10:10am
Hi nice to meet you :)
stranger @stranger left a comment for princess_lily
Jul 07, 15 at 9:00am
ZeldaChan @monjachan left a comment for princess_lily
May 08, 15 at 9:14pm
Hiii lily-chan <3 sorry about the delayed replies.... I've been moving irl lately.. finally got done... xox Aww... thank you.. <3 Im very glad you like my picture.. ur most sweet to say this... <3 what have you been up to dear? <3
AfterWind @afterwind left a comment for princess_lily
May 05, 15 at 6:07pm
You have a talent of making funny comments. I don't know how to describe it but you seem like you're having lots of fun on this website. xD
kallsu @kallsu left a comment for princess_lily
May 03, 15 at 11:30pm
Been having fun. Hope you've been having fun too.
Nerd Taco @nerdtaco left a comment for princess_lily
May 03, 15 at 3:24pm
im good, wbu?
Tori @toya left a comment for princess_lily
May 03, 15 at 3:57am
Haha XDD not to be rude, but I read that with a heavy Asian accent XDDD
May 03, 15 at 3:22am
So me and my friend went to germany, and at first we were like just looking at shops and stuff.. but then.. everything changed when we saw the food shops. We went into almost every food shop we saw xD and ordered alot of things. There was a church there which was hella huge, though they creep me a bit ;.; (i'm not religious) So we went inside and we saw those nuns and people walking with this creepy atmosphere and me thinking of horror games and stuff xD Overall traveling with a friend is fun :D
Jet @jetzain left a comment for princess_lily
May 03, 15 at 2:19am
I see James Bond lol thanks and I know it is unique My mother named me that way and My dad named me Abraham thats my middle name I see so you are about to be in your 115 yrs old, well they have a phrase what it makes a person young its there hearts as long they feel young they will be YOu need to watch those animes, but keep some tissues close to you, they made you cry there is a lot even new ones yes I have seen Tokyo ghoul, I didnt really like the ending of the first and second season, plus I dont really like to see so much blood, but it is a good story what about you? dont worry everyone does it sometimes, it just depends, but I think is good to keep being mature, and not mature I have to say I havent meet someone which to many emotions going on in her writting which it is really confused and interestin
May 03, 15 at 12:42am
Aw, you're that shy huh? Cute :) If I knew you IRL I'd be your cosplay buddy and drag you to a convention! Mwahaha! Petsha is cute. I'm sure you'd make a great Persha. :D