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Last online over 6 years ago
I'm not sure what to say exactly. I got into anime when I was young, started with Sailor Moon on early morning T.V. before school. Eventually I started watching other shows like Pokemon and Digimon when I could find them on T.V. but my real breakthrough into the anime world was when I was like 13 and my friend told me his older sister was into anime and got her to let me borrow Please! Teacher. I was in love from then on and to this day it's one of my favorites. I enjoy many different genres so I'm not too picky with what I watch most of the time. I'm also a gamer, in fact it's my primary hobby. I play on my PC mostly but am currently playing Persona 5 on my sisters PS3. I'm looking to make new friends with similar interests as me and maybe even make a special connection with someone.